V-Band Clamps

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This Universal V Band Clamp Set can use for Turbos, wastegates, Blow-off Valves, Exhausts etc. The most flexible and reliable way to bond your exhaust components is to use a V-band assembly Kit. With a V-band kit, you manage to install and change your exhaust parts with no trouble, as well as maintaining the durability and strength of exhaust.
V-Band Clamps + Flange makes it easy to install and remove exhaust systems and turbo parts, such as downpipes, B Pipes and so on. Great for racers and tuners, these clamps make it easy to remove parts to gain access to vital components quickly as there are no hard to reach bolts or special tools needed. Just undo the clamp, and you can remove the part easily.
Our V- Band Kit consists of two high-quality rings/flanges and a v-band clamp to add more sturdiness.